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Thursday, September 26, 2013

DreamWorks "DRAGONS: Riders of Berk" - FIREWORM

This is my design of the “FIREWORM” dragon in episode 8 "Portrait of Hiccup As A Buff Man" with and without fire fx that I did for the DreamWorks Marketing Division as well as the series.  They asked me to create a fire effect which was then used in the series!  I really liked how the Fire FX turned out!  The Fireworm is found in large groups and has the ability to superheat its skin burning everything it touches.  They also appear in episode 18 "Gem Of A Different Color". 
*tune-in tonight 7:30p on Cartoon Network to watch season 2 "Defenders of Berk" episode 2 "The Iron Gronckle".


Snehal Ghag said...

Awesome concept

Katherine Dorland said...

The top design makes me think of this Dragon out in the sun- as if he is sunbathing in order to gain the body heat he will need in the night.
I love it. The design is so simple and well done that I just have to enjoy it.

I am an aspiring Concept and Storyboard artist myself and would love a chance to talk with you sometime about the industry.