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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Last Sunday was the Creative Arts Emmy Awards where I won for "Outstanding Achievement in Animation" for Character Design on the DreamWorks "DRAGONS: Riders of Berk" series.  Second season, "Defenders of Berk" airs tomorrow Sept 19, 2013 on Cartoon Network!  Here's a link to the trailer: DEFENDERS OF BERK.  I designed some of the new dragons: Screaming Death (based on Nico Marlet's 'Whispering Death', Fireworm Queen and Flightmare.  Be sure to tune-in!  Special thanks to everyone at DreamWorks and Cartoon Network!


Sonya Galea said...

Thanks for creating such awesome characters and congrats on your award! my son is a huge fan of the riders of berk. I just wanted to thank you for transforming a simple tv show into a memorable childhood experience for my little 6 year old (oops sorry he's 7 now!)We're all looking forward to movie no 2.

ANDY BIALK said...

Sonya Galea: You're welcome! And thank you. So nice to hear your son loves the show! Just knowing that makes it all worth it!

Unknown said...

Great job Andy! Congratulations to you once again!